Life Church HTX

On June 8, 1954, thirty-six believers met in the home of a man named N.A. Morris for the first time as a church family. They were hungry to have the Spirit of God move on the city of Houston and in their communities. Following the example of the book of Acts church, these believers continued to meet in one another’s homes, sharing life, love, and Jesus with everyone that they could. This was the beginning of Life Church.

As time went on and as God blessed this church family with new members, they outgrew the homes that they had been meeting in and were able to build a church building on the corner of Market and Rouse Streets in Houston, TX. On November 12, 1957, James L. Kilgore was selected to be the lead pastor of the Life Church family. With his wife imogene, they began a labor of love in the city of Houston to build the Kingdom of God. Under the leadership of James and imogene Kilgore, Life Church reached thousands of people in our city. They ran bus routes for underprivileged children to attend Sunday School, they supported numerous foreign mission works, and they trained and equipped hundreds of pastors, evangelists, and missionaries around the world.

In 1967, Life Church outgrew the building on Market and Rouse and moved to 2950 Broadway in Houston, TX. Over the following years, Pastor Kilgore led Life Church to be a congregation that was passionate for winning lost souls to Christ. in March of 1988, a co-pastor was elected to help Pastor Kilgore lead the church, and that is when Pastor Daniel Calk & his wife, Jan, became part of the Life Church legacy. On April 8th, 1991, our dear Pastor Daniel Calk passed from this life due to Multiple Myeloma (Bone Cancer), but the impact that his ministry had on Life Church cannot be forgotten. In December of 1995, Life Church elected a co-pastor to assist in leading our church family, and James Kilgore II, affectionately known as Pastor Jim, assumed the role of Co-Pastor with his wife, Nancy. On December 6, 1998, under the leadership of Pastor Kilgore and Pastor Jim, Life Church moved to 9901 Windmill Lakes Boulevard after having outgrown the property at 2950 Broadway.

In 2000, Pastor Kilgore assumed the role of Bishop of Life Church, and Pastor Jim was elected as the Lead Pastor. Pastor Jim has continued to lead Life Church with the same passion to reach the lost as his father. His passion to reach people with the life-giving message of Jesus Christ extends beyond the City of Houston all the way to the Philippines, where in 2013 he started an orphanage for abandoned children. This orphanage, Ima’s Home for Children, has been a safe-haven for over 100 precious children, and Life Church has championed the vision of Pastor Jim to continue to save as many children as we can.


Life Church has remained true to its roots of house-to-house ministry by being a church that is welcoming to all people, regardless of race, status, or culture. As a result, we have grown into a multi-cultural, multi-racial church family where realand strong relationships are formed between believers. We are a church that carries a strong passion for supporting foreign mission work, so that we can do our part to spread to Gospel of Jesus Christ across the world. We are a church that is hungry to have the Spirit of God move on the city of Houston and in our community. We are a church that is passionate about introducing people to Jesus, helping people discover their God-given purpose, leading people to live in freedom from their past hurts and habits, and empowering people to make a difference in the world around them. We are Life Church.